Bespoke OEM

for the manufacturing and production industries; packaging, web-handling, pharmaceuticals and automotive

  • Providing the complete range of services from concept - through design - to prototype - and finally manufacture and commissioning.
  • Robust, fit for purpose design solutions for automation of plant, cost savings and increased profitability; including machinery update, plant modifications and retro-fit where this is the most appropriate solution.
  • Investigative design solutions for plant breakdown recovery.

Bespoke engineering design and manufacture

The hardest thing in the world to sell is an idea; producing an illustrative concept of that idea is our forte.

We take your idea, or review your processes and production techniques to come up with ideas of our own. With you from the first face-to-face meeting to final handover we take a hands on approach - working alongside your plant operators, production team and maintenance crew, to fully understand and appreciate your operational requirements, demands, constraints and concerns.


Design Drawing Mandrel
A Solution to Cast Aluminium

A global packing producer has commissioned us to design and source an alternative for some cast aluminium mandrels approaching end of life and unfortunately no longer available in the UK

Other practical reasons for a replacement being:-

a) cast aluminium is easily marked during production – which transfers onto the packing
b) the abrasive cleaning method, over time, changes the dimensions of the mandrel – affecting the final product

We are confident we are very close to a solution, which can be revealed shortly

Automated pre-turning machine design
Automated Pre-Turning Process

Working closely with KC Precision Engineering for our client in the Marine sector, we have been asked us to look at a solution to automate and speed up part of their pre-turning process as the current machine cannot keep up, and the CNC final turning process is simply not being fed fast enough.

We are working on a new machine and investigating modifications to the existing machine. Our objective is to increase the speed of production and output.

Industrial Engineering Parts
How Long Is a Piece of String?

We are currently working on a looping head mechanism to replace a Victorian style machine, built under license from the US, no longer supported by the manufacturer and very sensitive to set up correctly

Our design intent is a user friendly, fit for purpose solution built in the UK, which is easy to set up and is serviceable.

More on this story later


Case Studies


Combined Design Solutions

Cost & Time Effeciencies gained with Positive Drive Solution

Established in 1908 Tags Ltd is the UK’s sole remaining manufacturer of high quality synthetic, paper, plain and printed tags.

Brief: To identify the source of, and design a solution to solve, a long standing inconsistent tape feed issue limiting the speed of a machine that required constant monitoring and manual tensioning during a production run.



Double roller solution reduces downtime costs

are leading designers and manufactures of high quality, high performance materials used in a wide variety of global brands including footwear, fashion accessories, leather goods, air freshening and industrial filtration.



Increased speed to market for NPD

A brand leader historically using hand assembly in the NPD sample production of “skin plasters”.

Brief: CDS were asked to design a machine to semi automate the NPD sample process to reduce costs and increase productivity.


Design only

The ownership of the design passes to the client upon final payment

We provide a quotation based upon your brief and requirements. Payment stages are agreed at the beginning of the project and you choose from hourly or project based rates ...


OEM industrial design and manufacture

Concept - design - prototype - manufacture and commissioning

Our specialist engineering workshop provides the complete range of services from concept - through design - to prototype - and finally manufacture and commissioning. We also work with client specified suppliers or supplied components ...


Component detailing and component manufacture

We provide a quotation based on your drawings, manufacture, dispatch and invoice

Drawings can be sent in by PDF or DXF. All drawings are checked by one of our designers prior to submitting for manufacture ...


Plant modification, updates and retrofit

Enviable reputation in providing cost effective design solutions

Combined Design Solutions have gained an enviable reputation in providing cost effective design solutions for automation of plant providing clients with cost savings and increased profitability through machine modifications and retro-fit ...